Police nab thieves who stole from Sun Moon Lake buses

The China Post news staff

Nantou County police yesterday arrested two men suspected of stealing plasma screen TVs and karaoke machines right out of tourist buses parked in the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area. The two men, professional thieves surnamed Tseng and Mai, were captured after months of police surveillance of the scenic area’s Shuishe and Yi-Da-Shao parking lots, where rows upon rows of tour buses line up everyday. According to Nantou police, since September the men had targeted the electronic equipment installed within tour buses. The crimes baffled locals at the time, cost the bus company a lot of money in damages and tarnished the reputation of Sun Moon Lake. Nantou County police began investigating soon after the first thefts occurred, forming an ad hoc team to survey the Sun Moon Lake area at night and working with different bureaus to check the records of criminals with histories of theft for matches to the Sun Moon Lake thefts. In surveillance videos, police saw two people seated in a suspicious vehicle. Soon, observation showed that one stayed in the vehicle in a “lookout position” while the other committed the theft. Less than two months into the investigation, the team of police circled the crime scene and caught the two men in the middle of their act. Inside the car police found six 18-inch plasma TVs and one karaoke machine, as well as tools to dismantle the electronics. According to police, the men had stolen from five tour buses over a period of less than two months. Aside from the Sun Moon Lake area, the men are also alleged to have committed thefts all across Taiwan. Police yesterday sent them to the prosecutor’s office pending trial