Eight more suspected TB cases found at university

The China Post news staff

After confirmation of eight cases of tuberculosis on the campus of Taipei’s Shih Hsin University (SHU), X-ray imaging of 300 students and faculty members at the university yesterday revealed a further eight suspected cases. Skin tests showed potential signs in another 159.

The eight suspected to be infected will be further examined, while the 159 others will be kept under watch. Preventive medication is being considered.

In a press conference yesterday evening, Chang Feng-yih (張峰義), director-general of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) under the Executive Yuan’s Department of Health, Lin Chi-hung (林奇宏), commissioner of the Taipei Department of Health, and Yu Chi-li (余致力), vice chancellor of SHU, told reporters all the teachers and students found to show symptoms would be kept under watch. No tuberculosis foci were found on the eight, who will be further examined by specialists, Lin said.

The symptoms, red and swollen patches of skin with a diameter of more than 1 cm, do not mean contraction of tuberculosis, but only indicate past contact with the bacteria, according to Chang and Bai Kuan-jen (白冠壬), deputy administrator of the city’s Wanfang Hospital.