Hon Hai launches robot factory in Taichung

The China Post news staff

Hon Hai Group, Taiwan’s largest provider of electronic manufacturing services, yesterday kicked off a NT$100 billion (US$3.3 billion) plan to build an intelligent technology park in Taichung, central Taiwan, where robotics production is part of the program.

Hon Hai chairman Terry Guo and Taichung City Mayor Jason Hu jointly broke ground for the first-stage construction of the group’s R&D building in the intelligent technology park, sited in the Central Taiwan Science Park.

Also yesterday, Hon Hai’s Foxnum Technology Co. Ltd., focusing on development of CNC (computerized numerically controlled) devices, robots, servo drivers and motors, also inaugurated its new plant in the Central Taiwan Science Park, whose annual production value is expected to reach NT$7 billion by 2015.

Guo also signed a letter of intention with Hu to invest NT$100 billion in greater Taichung. Hu said he has instructed various agencies to set up a unified service window to help Hon Hai with land acquisition and other matters.

Eric Y.T. Chuo, chairman of the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association, noted Hon Hai’s investment in the greater Taichung area will generate tens of billions of dollars in business opportunities per year for manufacturers of key components in central Taiwan. Industry insiders said that the intelligent technology park will generate an overall production value of NT$120 billion a year three to five years later, and create at least 2,000 job opportunities. Hon Hai will gradually build in the intelligent tech park several plants and R&D centers, with each specializing in production, development of robots, CNC devices for machine tools, all-electric injection molding machines, high-tier health care robots, automotive electronics, batteries, energy systems, servo drivers and motors. As a result, the park will spawn the development of the entire satellite plant system and supply chain of the local machine tool industry and form a new industry center of the Central Taiwan Science Park.