Military to make the best use of celebrities for promotion purpose during their service

By Joseph Yeh, The China Post

The China Post–Taiwan’s Deputy Defense Minister Chao Shih-chang (趙世璋) yesterday promised to make better use of actors who will soon serve in the military to promote the image of the local armed forces. Chao made the comments during a legislative session in response to an opposition lawmaker’s suggestion that the military learn from their South Korean counterparts to take advantage of these stars during their service periods. The lawmaker said the starts can serve promotional purposes.

It has been a controversial issue for years that a number of male celebrities were suspected of avoiding military service by prolonging their studies. Some of the male celebrities are even reaching their 30s, yet they cannot be drafted due to their “student” status. In response, the Ministry of the Interior has recently amended the related conscript rules to stipulate that men who are obliged to serve in the military can no longer delay their service using the pretext of studying after the age of 28. The latest policy means many big stars, including two of the most famous male idols, Matthew Lin (明道) and Ethan Ruan (阮經天), will soon be asked to serve in the military.