Taiwanese broadcasters win int’l media award for slavery program


LONDON — Radio Taiwan International broadcasters Chui Jui-chuan and Chan Wan-ju were winners on Nov. 9 at the Association of International Broadcasting (AIB) International Media Excellence Awards. The program presented by the two broadcasters, titled “Freeing Taiwan Slaves,” a series of documentaries about human trafficking in Taiwan, was chosen as the winner of the Best Current Affairs Documentary radio category. “Through our reports, we tried our best to unveil the truth behind Taiwan’s modern slavery, and hope people will face the issue, “ Chan said. “When people can view foreign workers in the same light as Taiwanese workers, it means Taiwan has finally developed into a country governed by human rights,” she said.

“I hope more people will reach out to foreign workers in Taiwan, because a country’s greatness and civilization is measured by how it treats the most socially disadvantaged,” Chui said. The series, titled “They’re Not for Sale —Investigating Taiwan’s Modern Slavery,” interviews many victims from Southeast Asian countries, staff at shelter centers, government officials and human rights activists.

The series is aimed at helping people to understand how migrant workers try to escape from traffickers, illustrates the inhumane treatment workers endure in Taiwan and the efforts government and society are taking to prevent human trafficking.

The AIB noted at the awards ceremony that even though the series highlights a highly sensitive issue, the research and interviews were clear and thorough. Chui, who attended the awards ceremony, said she felt honored and was surprised that the program was singled out.

Other competitors in the documentary category included the Korean Broadcasting System, the United Kingdom’s CTVC, the British Broadcasting Corp. World Service, the Danish Broadcasting Corp., and the Australian Broadcasting Company.

It is Chan’s second AIB prize. In 2010, her work on death row inmates received a Highly Recommended award.

The AIB International Media Excellence Awards have been conferred since 2005 to encourage interaction and competition between members.

The organization was founded in 1993 and has developed into a global knowledge network providing international broadcasting industry cross-media, cross-border, and cross-cultural information.