Local doctors save 5-year-old mainland girl

The China Post news staff

Doctors in Taiwan has saved the life of a five-year-old Chinese girl suffering from a rare disease, a newspaper reported yesterday. “Thank you everyone,” said Pingping softly and shyly at a press conference arranged by National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) that has treated her for hyperammonemia, according to the United Evening News. The girl was running up and down during the press conference, showing no signs that she could have died two years ago.

Her elder sister died of the same disease at the age of two as hospitals in their home province of Shangdong, eastern China, were unable to cure her, Pingping’s mother said. Patients of hyperammonemia suffer from metabolic deficiency that results in excess levels of ammonia in their blood.

The mother said the family, fearing that Pingping could suffer the same fate as her sister, decided to seek help in Taiwan. Pingping came to NTUH in 2009, and doctors managed to stabilize her conditions with medication.

She then returned home to China with medication for two years. She returned to NTHU recently for a checkup, which showed that her disease has been brought under control.