Labor agency considers higher monthly pensions


TAIPEI–Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) Minister Wang Ju-hsuan said Monday the council plans to increase the minimum monthly pension for laborers by NT$500 (US$16.52) to NT$3,500 per month.

The move came less than a week after President Ma Ying-jeou announced Thursday that the government would increase stipends for farmers 65 and over by NT$1,000 to NT$7,000 per month.

The CLA estimated that the proposed NT$500 increase in the minimum labor pension would cost the government NT$180 million annually.

Wang said at a legislative hearing that stipends for workers injured on the job were also set to be adjusted based on cost-of-living increases and would cost an estimated NT$30 million a year.

She said the planned moves are part of the Ministry of the Interior’s broader goal to increase aid grants to eight disadvantaged groups, including the mentally and physically challenged, low-income households, indigenous peoples, and senior citizens.