October arsenal explosion in Yilan claims 6th victim


TAIPEI–Another victim of an arsenal blast in Yilan County late last month has died, bringing the explosion’s death toll to six, the Tri-Service General Hospital said Monday.

Tsao Chang-fa, 56, suffered second- to third-degree burns over 90 percent of his body in the explosion and died Nov. 19, according to the hospital.

Chang Chun-teh, 42, who suffered burns over 11 percent of his body, received skin graft surgery and returned home for recuperation Saturday, the hospital said.

Another victim, Huang Yin-yu, a 48-year-old who suffered burns over 55 percent of his body, remained in stable condition after skin graft surgery, the hospital added.

The explosion occurred Oct. 28, when a military arsenal in Yuanshan Township in Yilan County was destroying a batch of flash grenades.