Spokesman denies report of mass military exodus


TAIPEI–A military spokesman denied a local news report Monday that many career officers and soldiers are planning to retire over a new government measure to levy income tax on their salaries from Jan. 1.

“The report is groundless and all the officers and soldiers have reached consensus that paying tax is an obligation for every citizen, including those in military service,” said Luo Shao-he.

The Chinese-language United Daily News reported that day that many officers, especially those who graduated from military academies in 1993-94, have been mulling retiring next year because the additional allowances the government will give them to help make up for the tax they will have to pay for the first time “fall short of their expectations.”

Under an amendment to the income tax act passed by the legislature in January, military servicemen and teachers in the public school system will no longer enjoy the privileges of tax free salary from the beginning of next year.