Overhaul of old industrial zones still ongoing: IDB


TAIPEI–The government is still overhauling old, outdated industrial zones that do not meet modern manufacturing needs, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) said yesterday.

Under a factory regeneration program launched in 2009, 54 industrial zones around the country that were founded more than 15 years ago have been remodeled to make them usable for various types of modern manufacturing, the bureau said.

As of Oct. 31, the three-year program had attracted 974 companies seeking to set up new operations or move existing ones to the revamped manufacturing hubs, according to the bureau.

The program has generated NT$178 billion (US$5.9 billion) worth of investment and created 31,102 job opportunities, the bureau said.

With the program due to expire Dec. 31, the IDB is planning new projects to further remodel the zones for digitalized manufacturing that would have a small carbon footprint and high added value, the IDB said.