NIA issues travel card to attract scholars and talents

The China Post news staff

The National Immigration Agency (NIA) presented Nobel Prize winner Peter A. Diamond with the honor of unlimited entrances to Taiwan and a customs rapid pass via the “academic and business travel card,” yesterday, at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

According to NIA Deputy Director-General Ho Jung-chun (何榮村), the “academic and business travel card” is issued for the purpose of simplifying the progress of admitting foreigners into the country, in support of the government’s “Attracting Global Talents to Taiwan” program (吸引全球外籍優秀人才來台方案).”

These cards are only issued to those who are internationally recognized by the competent authorities, and cardholders are allowed to travel to and from Taiwan an unlimited number of times, staying a maximum of 30 days each time, within three years of the card’s issuing date. Cardholders are also allowed to take exclusive gateways inside airports to speed up their customs clearances, and are free to participate in all sorts of academic and business engagements.

Diamond is the second economic Nobel Prize winner to have spoken in Taiwan over the past year, the first being Dale A. Mortensen. Diamond, Mortensen, along with Christopher A. Pissarides, established the analysis of markets with search frictions and won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics. Diamond is also highly revered as mentor to Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Shalom Bernanke.

Mortensen has also received an “academic and business travel card” when he visited Taiwan on Oct. 18, Ho said. Presentation of the card to the economics scholars demonstrates Taiwan’s respect for their academic excellence, he said.

Hopefully these scholars would make good use of the cards to enjoy the wonder of Taiwan, Ho concluded.