Popular bag makers face charges of infringement


TAIPEI–The producers of the popular “Banane Taipei” canvas tote bag were indicted by prosecutors Wednesday for infringing upon the trademark of the French luxury goods brand Hermes.

The accused were Yuan Ju-chi and Chu Yun-kuang, owners of Banana International that produces and sells the bag.

While images imprinted on the bag were alleged to be duplicates of the famed Hermes Birkin bag, the “Banane Taipei” logo allegedly imitated Hermes’ horse and carriage logo.

According to an investigation by prosecutors, the Intellectual Property Office had turned down an application by Yuan’s wife, Tsai Yi-lin, to register the “Banane Taipei” bag design as her intellectual property, on grounds that it carries a logo similar to that of Hermes.

Tsai’s appeal had also been rejected by an appeal committee under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the investigation shows.