Taipei to fit cameras in all 78 ambulances

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–The Taipei City Government has announced a plan to affix all of the city’s 78 ambulances with digital driving recorders to help monitor traffic conditions and gather solid evidence in case some traffic disputes take place. Officials at the Taipei City Fire Department made the announcement after one postgraduate student at the National Yang Ming University was knocked down by one of the city’s ambulances on Chengde Road on the evening of Dec. 7. The student surnamed Peng was pronounced dead after doctors at the Shin Kong Memorial Hospital in Shilin District failed to save his life. Peng’s father said that one ambulance on its way the Taipei Veterans General Hospital knocked down his son’s motorcycle and resulted in his tragic, premature death. The father questioned why not even a single surveillance camera in the accident area recorded images of the incident. He also said that no evidence was gathered at all because the ambulance involved in the accident was not installed with driving recorder. Officials at the Fire Department said the department presently has 78 ambulances but only 20 of them are affixed with driving recorders.

They promised to install driving recorders on all of the remaining 58 ambulances before the end of next month. Concerning the fatal traffic incident, they said a panel of traffic experts will make a thorough investigation into the case to determine if the driver of the ambulances should be held accountable.