Tsai to create religious department if elected


TAIPEI–Tsai Ing-wen, the chairwoman and presidential candidate of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), promised Sunday to establish a religious affairs department if she is elected president next January.

Speaking to an audience at a national prayer ceremony in Taichung set up by her campaign headquarters, Tsai vowed to solve problems related to religion with the establishment of such an agency.

Tsai said she had visited many temples during her recent trips around Taiwan and realized that religion is the best form of spiritual support for Taiwanese people who have experienced many changes, sufferings and hardships.

Tsai’s running mate, Su Jia-chyuan, pledged that the DPP would help promote religious development with reasonable regulations and services rather than money, and he said the proposed religious affairs department would help the religious tackle issues such as land, temples and columbariums.

Currently, religious affairs are supervised by the Civil Affairs Department under the Ministry of the Interior.