US delays patent decision until Monday in Apple, HTC case

The China Post news staff

Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC Corp. said a decision on Apple’s complaint to of patent infringement to ban some of HTC’s imports in the U.S. has been delayed a second time to Monday. The U.S.’s International Trade Commission slated to announce its ruling yesterday on whether HTC infringed patents owned by the U.S. company. The decision was delayed to Dec. 19, according to a statement by the HTC.

This is the second delay after the ITC rescheduled the announcement from Dec. 6 to yesterday.

A decision in Apple’s favor would ban some of HTC’s Android run cellphones in the U.S. market, Hua Nan Securities Co. (華南永昌證券) Chairman David Chu (儲祥生) pointed out. HTC will also be damaged by the costs of potential settlement with Apple.