Caring Soong would be better KMT leader

Sincerely,Michael Tsai

Dear China Post, In the latest presidential debate, James Soong acknowledged an open secret: government statistics are cold and offer little comprehension of true Taiwanese life. Hitting the nail on the head, he said that the average person does not earn close to the current per capita income of US$19,000. All one has to do is go out and ask around and the truth shall be revealed. President Ma has been seen in public countless times, but has he asked relevant questions? Moreover, has he cared enough to implement effective policies? Ma has asked for four more years so as to fulfill his “6-3-3 Plan.” One of the 3s is difficult to attain, however. For Taiwan’s per capita income to reach US$30,000, it must increase by at least 50 percent within four years. This percentage increase is much more difficult when numbers are big (e.g. 20,000 to 30,000) instead of small (e.g. two to three). Let us assume, nonetheless, that Taiwan’s per capital income will reach US$30,000 within four years. Is it plausible, then, to assume that the skewing up of this average income during such a short period will be due to the ever-deepening pockets of the big/medium business and industry sector? If this is the case, how will current and future policies be helping below-average and disadvantaged Taiwanese? Ma claimed last year’s wealth gap was the smallest in the world while conceding that wealth distribution still needs to be more equitable. Such perfectionist horsemanship! Nordic social democracies would be envious of Taiwan’s president. It’s clear that Ma loves to show off his extraordinary logic. Soong’s words, when juxtaposed with Ma’s, make better economic sense. It’s a pity that KMT members continue to let Ma hijack their party.

Soong would have made a better leader for the KMT had its members really cared about Taiwan and all its citizens.