PFP VP candidate Lin claims no bias against homosexuals


TAIPEI–Lin Ruey-shiung, the vice presidential candidate of the People First Party (PFP), said yesterday he has no personal discrimination against homosexuality but the issue of same-sex marriage is a legal matter.

He was raising the issue a second time after he said in a television interview Thursday that in statistical terms gay people are a “variant.” Homosexuality is not a normal development in the history of human evolution, he said.

But in a meeting with supporters at a traditional market in Taoyuan County on Friday, Lin said he is happy to see gay people fall in love and live together. However, the question of them getting married involves legal regulations, he said.

“This is a legal issue, it’s not about my personal opinions,” Lin said.

Civil law in Taiwan defines marriage between a man and a woman, Lin pointed out. The law was enacted in reflection of societal values and to ensure continuity of the human race, he added.

However, same sex marriage can be legalized as long as the Legislative Yuan passes the relevant amendments, he said.