CIB, Chinese investigators nab three heroin smugglers

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), working with authorities in China, yesterday nabbed smugglers responsible for trying to transport bags of undiluted heroin sewn into the seams of Thai tapestries, which were sent via mail to Yunnan Province in China, before being sent to Taiwan.

Mainland Chinese police yesterday nabbed suspects Lee Che-jei (李哲傑), 23, Chen Chin-jia (陳俊价), 29, and Ou Chi-hou (歐智豪), 29, who admitted to smuggling the drugs from Thailand.

The trio would reduce the chunky heroin into powder and meticulously sew the undiluted supply into Thai tapestries, which they would place in individual packages for shipment from Yunnan Province to Guangdong, before being transferred to Taiwan. Both Taiwanese and Chinese authorities became aware of the activities last May, but it had taken them more than one year to track them down. Chinese and Taiwanese authorities worked together, one tracing the drugs and the other tracking down those involved. Recently, China discovered 7 kg of heroin in Guangdong, which has a market value of hundreds of million New Taiwan dollars. Before the discovery, the suspects had already successfully transported the drugs three times. The drugs were impounded and their route investigated. The three suspects eluded police for one week before finally being caught yesterday.