No adverse ECFA effects for local industries: gov’t


TAIPEI — The tariff concessions on imports from China, allowed under a trade agreement, have not adversely affected Taiwan’s domestic industries, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) said yesterday.

Since the economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) took effect in January last year, a total of 267 products from China have been imported with preferential tariffs, the MOEA’s International Trade Commission (ITC) said.

Meanwhile, over 500 categories of Taiwan exports to China are eligible for preferential tariffs that will drop to zero over a two-year period, in line with the ECFA’s early harvest program.

The ITC has been monitoring the situation by various means, including monthly surveys of company owners, to find out whether the domestic industrial sector has been affected by the ECFA, said Juan Chuan-ho, an ITC deputy executive secretary.

The ITC surveys found that only companies producing four types of chemicals and products — acetic acid, acrylic acid, optical brightener compounds and high-tenacity filament yarns — were affected by the tariff concessions on imports, Juan said.