Hotai Motor’s Hino commercial car sales increase 11 percent in 2011


TAIPEI — Hotai Motor Co. said Friday that sales of Hino brand commercial vehicles in Taiwan for 2011 hit 5,224 units, up 11 percent from a year earlier.

The demand for commercial vehicles, in particular heavy duty trucks, in Taiwan made a strong rebound last year as the government came up with more infrastructure and public transportation projects during the period, Hotai Motor said. Hotai Motor, which is the sales agent for Japan-based Toyota Motor, also acts as a sales agent for Japanese truck and bus supplier Hino Motors.

Hotai Motor said Hino’s commercial cars were expected to generate NT$11.2 billion (US$373 million) in sales for the Taiwanese car dealer last year, up 12 percent from a year ago.

Out of the 5,224 Hino commercial cars sold by Hotai Motor, models with a weight of 3.49 tons totaled 1,338 units, while models with a weight above 3.49 tons, reached 3,886 units, the car dealer said.

The 3,886 units accounted for a 37.6 percent share of the local large-sized commercial car market last year, making Hotai Motor the largest supplier, the car dealer said.

In 2011, the total sales of commercial cars in Taiwan rose 15 percent from a year earlier to 10,355 units.

Hotai Motor said as the government will continue to launch new infrastructure projects and improve the public transportation system on the island, demand for large-sized commercial cars in Taiwan is expected to grow in 2012.

In addition, an increasing number of Chinese tourists who visit Taiwan is expected to further boost demand for large-sized buses, the car dealer said.

Last year, Hotai Motor sold a total of 119,425 Toyota brand cars in Taiwan, up 17.6 percent from a year earlier and hitting a new high since 2005, the car dealer said.