Taiwan relaxes admission rules for Chinese students


TAIPEI–Chinese students seeking to enter graduate programs in Taiwan will be able to apply earlier this year and can now can now list up to five majors on each application, in accordance with a new set of regulations, Taiwan authorities said Monday.

The new regulations remove the restriction of one field of study per application but students will still be limited to a maximum of five applications, said Chang Hung-te, director of the University Entrance Committee for Mainland Chinese Students, at a press conference.

In addition, the registration period has been moved forward from mid-April to mid-January so that students can apply right after China’s graduate school entrance examination, Chang said.

Admission notices will be published on April 17, around the same time as Chinese graduate schools, which will give students more time to consider their options, Chang said.

The government-imposed age limit has also been lifted to give schools the right to decide on that factor, Chang said.