TransAsia ranks among fastest growing firms


TAIPEI — TransAsia Airways, a mid-sized Taiwanese carrier, was named yesterday as one of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in the world for 2011 by the online International Business Times.

In 707th place, TransAsia was the only airline in the Asia Pacific region to be included on the list.

The list was compiled by the online publication based on the compound annual growth rate (CAGRs) in sales over the past three years of companies listed on stock markets throughout the world.

On its website, International Business Times said TransAsia’s CAGR over the past three years stood at 16.1544 percent.

In addition to the Taiwanese carrier, four other airlines were ranked among the world’s top 1,000 companies. They were United Continental Holdings (512th), Delta Air Lines (596th), Allegiant Travel Corp. (731th) — all of the United States — and Turk Hava Yollari A.O. (446th).

TransAsia, which has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since November, posted NT$8.74 billion in revenue in 2011, up 4.6 percent from the previous year. In the first three quarters of last year, the carrier recorded NT$1.31 in earnings per share on a net profit margin of 9.64 percent.

In June, TransAsia launched flights to Singapore. Starting from August, the carrier expanded its routes to China to serve several new destinations. They included Wuxi and Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province, Hefei in Anhui Province, and Nanning in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It also began operating more flights to Hanoi in Vietnam.

The carrier said it expects its sales for 2012 to exceed NT$10 billion after the expansion of its flight routes in the region.

A total of 152 Taiwanese companies were included on International Business Times’ list of the 1,000 fastest growing enterprises in the world.

In 13th spot, Full Wang International Development Co. held the highest ranking among the Taiwanese companies, followed by Sakura Development Co. Ltd. (15th), Mega Biotech & Electronics Co. Ltd. (18th), Ho Wang Construction Co. Ltd. (37th) and Feng Sheng Technology Co. (41st).