Filipino sends sincere thanks to adopted home

By Ermalyn G. Pardenilla

I arrived here in Taiwan about two years ago. I came here as a migrant worker. I work for Showa Denko HD Trace based at the Hsinchu Science Park as an electronic operator. My first impression of Taiwan when we were out of Taoyuan airport and heading to Hsinchu was that the place is very clean, there are not many people roaming around the sidewalks, and there are lots and lots of motorcycles outside each building. I thought to myself, “Are those for sale?” Then I learned that each of those motorcycles belongs to a person or an employee. I was really impressed and still am. I admire how Taiwanese are very disciplined, very tidy, and very respectable. I admire how beautifully they maintain this country. They have parks where people and especially families can go, have a little picnic, exercise, etc. I love to walk around parks and enjoy the scenery. Another thing I admire are the buses. They feel so secure and you get to sit comfortably, though sometimes you may stand if there are a lot of passengers, but that is just part of the fun.

I had a lot of first-times here in Taiwan; first time to ride a train; first time to ride the roller coaster at Janfusun Fancyworld; first time to experience the winter season; first time to speak a little bit of Mandarin. This place is so amazing I fell in love with it instantly and I would really love to live here long-term if given a chance.

Now let me tell you about the food here. My favorites are the milk tea with lots and lots of varieties of flavors you can choose from, And the most special: fried chicken with ingredients I have never tasted before. The fried rice is also one of the best and it’s always so affordable. The markets also offer fresh goodies to cook. Supermarkets offer food in an amazing variety with innumerable items to choose from. The system here is well-organized and very user-friendly. Taiwanese are very independent and I can see that they are very hard working. They are very responsible and know how to plan their lives, especially when it comes to finance. They’re very diligent and efficient. They do not waste time on their work. What needs to be done today they do and they work on it effectively. They have a lot of qualities that are very good examples to follow. What I’ve noticed is that most of the Taiwanese are physically fit and their skin glows. They have flawless and luminous skin, that is the envy of most people including me. They are health-conscious and they take part in regular exercise. They make a point of teaching their children the best they know how.

The encounters and acquaintances that I have are very precious. I am truly grateful to have come to this country and enjoy the very best of what life can offer for free. Although there may still be ups and downs, the experience has really been worth it. Communication may be rough at times, but these people have what it takes to be globally competitive as well.

I hope you like what I have shared, and hopefully these wonderful things can brighten some other person’s life and add meaning as well. Thank you, Taiwan!