Task force arrests two over NT$30 million jewelry heist

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) under the Ministry of the Interior has arrested two suspects in a major jewelry theft case in which jewels valued at more than NT$30 million were stolen, according to a press release issued yesterday. Two persons made away with jewels, rings, jade pieces after breaking into a jewelers in Zhongli City, Taoyuan County, on the early morning of Jan. 2.

A special task force was formed under the leadership of Lin Yen-tian, commander of the bureau’s fourth investigative team, to look into the case.

Images captured by security cameras show that a single person first broke into the store in a shopping mall and left before reentering with another person.

The two, apparently familiar with the inside layout of the all, managed to dodge several security cameras. Other security camera images also show the license plate of the getaway car, which was a stolen car. Working on these and other clues, investigators singled out two brothers identified by their surname Liu as the prime suspects.

After a stakeout outside their home in Taoyuan City, police arrested the two on Jan. 19. The younger brother frankly admitted he was familiar with the inside of the mall because he was once a janitor there.

Police later recovered some of the stolen jewelry stowed away in the home of the man’s girl friend in Taoyuan City.