Voters pick restaurant operator as most desirable boss


TAIPEI–The founder of Taiwanese restaurant group Wowprime Corp. was voted by Taiwan’s salaried workers in an online survey as their top choice if they sought a job change and new boss.

The E-Job, a platform initiated by the Council of Labor Affairs to help people find jobs and bosses find employees, found in its latest survey that Wowprime Chairman Steven Tai was the boss that Taiwanese workers most wanted to work for in 2011.

The E-Job poll conducted between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31, found that 17.62 percent of workers who responded to the survey chose Tai to be their new boss and his restaurants as their top choice for a job change.

Tai has expanded his business kingdom to include 11 restaurant brands in Taiwan in 14 years, making Wowprime the largest restaurant group in the country with 160 stores and 6,000 employees.

Tai, who reportedly works only 15 days a month, has won his employees’ hearts and minds with his policy of sharing and caring.

Tai was followed by Yulon Motor Chairman Kenneth Yen as the second most desirable boss, who won 14.88 percent of the vote, and Cher Wang, chairwoman of Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp., who garnered 14.15 percent of the votes.

Other entrepreneurs that Taiwanese salaried workers would like to work for included Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Chairman Morris Chang, Delta Electronics Chairman Bruce Cheng, Hon Hai Group founder Terry Gou, Acer Computer founder Stan Shih and Asustek Chairman Jonney Shih, in that order, the survey found.