Election’s victor must be humbler, care for every Taiwan national: Lee

The China Post news staff

Former President Lee Teng-hui (李登輝) yesterday called for the winner of the presidential election to be humbler and to take care of all the nationals, and urged the losers of the race not to forget the voices of their supporters, and their calls for change. Lee made the comments while sending “New Spring Greetings” to nationals through a film on his Facebook page. Dressed in a grey suit, the white-haired Lee first expressed his gratitude for the love and support shown to him over the past year, and stressed that an election will naturally have winners and losers. Lee stood behind presidential candidate and chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the Jan. 14 presidential race, in which President Ma Ying-jeou won re-election with 51.6 percent of the vote, defeating Tsai by a margin of close to 800,000 votes.

For this, Lee said that the winner should become humbler and take care of all nationals.

Lee continued, saying that the winner sound’t forget that almost 50 percent of nationals are dissatisfied with their current living conditions, and said the president should keep in mind that the nation is facing many challenges ahead. On another front, Lee said he hoped the loser will not forget every supporter’s voice in their calls for change, adding that many people pinned their hopes on the candidate of the opposition camp, and therefore the candidate should move to encourage all the supporters to keep working hard to realize the hopes.

The ex-president said that the just-ended elections were carried out peacefully without any unexpected events, indicating the great progress of democracy in Taiwan, and showing that democracy has become a common value of people in Taiwan.

He emphasized that only after the sovereignty of Taiwan is maintained can its democracy be carried out consistently.

All Taiwanese should join forces to create a brighter future for Taiwan and its next generations, and make Taiwan a normal country with democracy, liberty and prosperity, as well as boasting a fair and just society, Lee added.

Ma Won’t Visit Lee During Chinese New Year In related news, cable news channel TVBS reported yesterday that President Ma has no plans to visit Lee during the Chinese New Year holidays. Ma did so in the first Chinese New Year after winning his first presidential term in 2008. As Lee chose to support the DPP’s Tsai in the Jan. 14 presidential race, and launched a campaign of “abandoning Ma to safeguard Taiwan,” it is expected that Lee and Ma will be unlikely to maintain ties as close as they have had in the past.