Woman demands refund from CHT after being charged for over 600 texts

The China Post news staff

A woman from Taichung is demanding a full refund from Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) for repeating more than 600 times a message she sent to a friend via her smart phone, a newspaper has reported. The 33-year-old woman, surnamed Hsu, sent a message to eight friends simultaneously at about 9 a.m. on Nov. 20, 2011, and seven of the friends received it instantly, the according to the Apple Daily . But one of the friends, surnamed Chu, did not get the message until almost 12 hours later, and the message did not come in just once, the newspaper said. The messages kept coming in, and after receiving a few dozen, Chu decided that he had had enough and switched off his phone. But when he turned the phone back on the next day, the message alerts continued, the paper said. Hsu filed a complaint with her carrier, CHT, and found that the same message was sent to Chu 635 times in a 3-second interval, and the resulting charge totaled NT$978. CHT checked the record but an engineer with the telecom company said there was nothing wrong with the carrier’s system at the time when the messages were repeated, according to the paper.

Hsu was cited as saying that the carrier was willing to refund only NT$489. Hsu also made a complaint to HTC, the vendor of the smartphone that she used to send the message.

HTC checked her phone — a Wildfire S — but also failed to identify the problem. HTC said it might have been caused by a software glitch, and it will continue to monitor the situation, the paper said. A consumer protection official in Taichung said that it looks like a case of system error, and suggested that Hsu file a formal complaint with the authorities if the company fails to give her a full refund, according to the Apple Daily.