Universiade officials talk Olympic possibilities


TAIPEI — Organizers of the 2017 Summer Universiade have vowed to make the student games successful, as it could be a doorway for Taiwan to host the Olympic games and other prominent events in the future.

Based on “endless hard work as well as experience learned and to be learned from others,” Hsu Chuan-hao, leader of the organizing group, said that “Taiwan is ready to face the challenge.”

The International University Sports Federation Executive Committee picked Taipei over Brasilia as the host city for the 2017 Summer Universiade — also known as the World University Games — which will be the highest-level and biggest international sports event ever staged in Taiwan.

Describing the members of his team as “working their hearts out” since they knew their bid had been successful, Hsu said he almost always works more than 12 hours a day.

“It’s tiring physically, but not mentally,” Hsu said.

Hsu was on a delegation Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin led to Brussels to make its final pitch last year. He was among those who leaped out of their chairs when the winning bid was announced.