Homeless buffalo finds a place to settle down after yearlong journey

The China Post news staff

A homeless buffalo has found a home in a farm in Yilan County after wandering on the northeast coast for more than a year, local newspapers have reported. Sightings of the buffalo in the area of the northeast coastal highway were first reported about a year ago, but police had been unable to capture it until last week, the reports said. The unusual sight of a buffalo on a highway, particularly at night, worried and frightened many motorists, although the animal was tame, the reports said. Police officers were dispatched to catch it every time a sighting was reported. But in most of the cases, the animal had gone away before the arrival of the police, the reports said. There was a time when police did catch it and tie it to a tree near a temple. The police then went away to look for help to transport the buffalo. But when they returned, the animal was gone, the newspapers said. Last week, a report came in saying that the buffalo was eating grass near a gas station in Tali, Yilan. Police managed to catch it this time, and had a veterinary give it a health check.

The vet said the buffalo was old — more than 20 years of age — and weak. It had some wounds but they were not serious, the papers said. Police then managed to find it a home in a farm in Toucheng in the northeastern county.

It remains uncertain how the animal came to wander in the area of the coastal highway.

Some people said they saw it fall off a truck more than a year ago, the papers said.