Taiwan’s tech-sector ready for the ‘cloud’


TAIPEI–Not to be outperformed by world information technology leaders in cloud computing, Taiwanese companies have started positioning themselves in readiness to join the racetrack.

Mobile devices with cloud computing capabilities that allow people to access large amounts of Internet data anywhere and at anytime are seen as being key to driving the IT sector in the future.

With cloud computing technology burgeoning, the need for servers, tablet PCs, power supply systems and notebook coolers continues to increase.

Quanta Computer Inc., one of the leading PC makers in Taiwan, has been shifting its product research and development toward cloud computing over the past three years.

In addition, Delta Electronics, a world-class provider of power management solutions, established its cloud computing project group in 2010 and has since cooperated with local universities to nurture “cloud brains.” To date, Delta Electronics commands 50 percent of the world’s market of power supply systems for servers.

Delta Electronics vice chairman and CEO Yancey Hai said that in the cloud computing business, the price of end user products, including desktop PCs, notebook computers, smartphones and tablet PCs, will get increasingly cheaper, but the keys to success for players in the sector will be software and content. Meanwhile, Trend Micro Inc. co-founder Steve Chang said it is now crucial for Taiwan’s IT companies to transform, as the world’s tech sector map is reshaping fast.

Chang suggested that Taiwanese makers shift their operations to the research and development of servers, focus on software and information processing, continue to increase their products’ added values and take charge of their own marketing channels.

With the U.S. and European markets slowing, Asia is the only market to witness growth, he noted, adding that of the Asian markets, China is one that Taiwanese companies cannot afford to ignore.