Relatives of missing boat captain request gov’t help


TAIPEI–The family of a Taiwanese fishing boat captain has requested the government’s help to locate the vessel, which has been missing since Jan. 26 when it sent out a distress signal.

The mayday message, transmitted from Indonesian waters, was received by an international search and rescue center, which immediately notified Taiwan, said Tseng Yu-tsung, a member of the Liuqiu fishermen association in Pingtung County where the boat was registered.

The fishing boat, the Wang Chun Man, was carrying a crew of eight — the Taiwanese captain Chen Che-hsiung and seven Indonesians, Tseng said. The vessel was based on Phuket Island in Thailand, he said.

The association has given the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the home phone numbers of the Indonesian crew members in the hope that they would be located as soon as possible, Tseng said.