NIA praises immigrant for job-making steamed buns


TAIPEI — The head of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) on Saturday praised an immigrant from China for creating job opportunities for other immigrants in Hsinchu County with her famous mantou, or Chinese steamed buns.

NIA Director-General Hsieh Li-Kung thanked Wang Ling-feng for launching a popular and reputable online mantou shop that has created job opportunities for new immigrants that help make the popular buns in Baoshan Township.

Moreover, Wang will be creating more job opportunities when she expands her product line to include local Hakka products, said Hsieh, who was visiting Baoshan to experience making the famous brown-sugar filled bun that is the most popular item on Wang’s online shop.

Wang, a native of Hainan Island, has lived in Baoshan with her husband for over three years, said NIA officials, adding that she has also recently set up a Hakka-themed leisure farm.