AEC defends use of beagles in medical, toxic experiments

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff –Officials of the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) clarified yesterday that the council will abide by the regulations when conducting medical and toxic dynamic experimentation using beagle dogs. They made the clarification in response to Huang Tai-shan, a member of an animal protection group, who called for sparing the dogs. Huang said the council recently made an announcement seeking to procure 40 beagles for cruel and toxic experimentations. He also questioned whether the AEC could have violated the animal protection regulations that impose stringent restrictions on using animals for tests or studies. AEC officials said the planned research is for medical purposes by using newly developed drugs that could be used to treat tumors and cancer diseases in humans. They said the nation’s rules clearly separate animals for use in tests from pets, just as there are mice used as pets and those especially for experimentations for the advancement of medical science and the well-being of humans. The AEC will certainly not use pets for planned studies, they said. The officials explained that the AEC had set up an ethics panel to oversight the tests and studies involving animals. When asked to comment on the issue, officials at the Council of Agriculture said the AEC has been observing the regulations when proceeding with the experimentation. An organization of researchers using animals in their tests said members of animal protection groups are welcome to supervise research procedures of all tests involving animals and help prevent cruel treatment to animals.

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Taiwan’s top government agency for nuclear power safety yesterday said it has never asked to fully suspend the construction of the problem-plagued No. 4 nuclear power plant.

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