Makiyo controversy holds mirror to culture of vitriol

By Alan Fong, The China Post

The China Post –Makiyo is in serious trouble. The 27-year-old Taiwanese-Japanese entertainer was disowned by her lawyer after being involved in a drunken quarrel that ended with a taxi driver in an intensive care unit. Her celebrity buddies are either mum on the issue or chastising her by the constant repetition of the line: “hitting people is wrong.” She was compared by a primetime news program to a celebrity who beat up his best friend in drunkenness and two others who were involved in fatal accidents while driving under the influence.

Over 230,000 netizens (and counting) have signed up to the “Anti-Makiyo” Facebook page, demanding she quit show business or simply leave Taiwan altogether.

If people do not know better, they would think she must have committed a crime so vehemently unforgivable that she must be exiled, and that even her lawyer has to ditch her in order to keep a clear conscience.

Instead what earned her the spot of public enemy No. 1 was mainly drunkard behavior, smugness and an ill-advised attempt to cover up her foolish antics. Most current evidence, including accounts by the taxi driver’s wife and other witnesses, points to a situation in which the actress did not attack the taxi driver nor incite her companion Takateru Tomoyori to launch into an attack on the driver.

There is speculation that Makiyo refused to pay taxi fare and kicked the taxi door during the quarrel. That’s probably the actress’s most serious offenses.