CDC categorizes disease brucellosis as ‘notifiable’


TAIPEI–Brucellosis, an infectious disease that occurs in humans through contact with animals, has been listed in Taiwan as a notifiable communicable disease, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said yesterday.

Brucellosis has been put on the CDC’s list of 60-plus transmittable diseases that must be reported in order to lower the risk of its spread, said Chou Jih-haw, the CDC’s deputy director-general.

Taiwan had been free of brucellosis for three decades but there were five imported cases last year between May and October, the Chou said, explaining why the CDC has taken decision to list brucellosis as a notifiable disease.

The five confirmed cases were Taiwan nationals who had contracted the disease during overseas travel — one in North Africa, three in Malaysia, and the fifth in China, Chou said.

He urged doctors to be vigilant in checking patients for symptoms of the disease, which include fever, abdominal pain, excessive sweating, headache, muscle pain, loss of appetite, fatigue and depression.

Brucellosis is usually treated with antibiotics but in a few cases it could cause death as result of infective endocarditis, according to a CDC press release.