Oil prices to increase by at least NT$0.3 per liter

The China Post news staff

Both the domestic gasoline and diesel oil prices will increase by at least NT$0.3 per liter beginning next week, in accordance with the international oil price surges, local media reports.

International oil price fluctuated according to the international oil price average, which has already exceeded US$114 per barrel, US$4 higher than last week’s US$109.85 per barrel.

Judging from the international fluctuations, domestic oil and diesel oil prices should initially increase by NT$0.7 to NT$0.8 per liter next week. If the government continues its policy to halve the size of oil price hikes from normal, the price increase next week will be NT$0.3 to NT$0.4 per liter.

Seeing how such an increase is not insignificant, vehicle owners are encouraged to fill their gas tanks by no later than midnight on Sunday.