Mogul writes open letter over Tainanmen remarks


TAIPEI–A business mogul who recently set off a firestorm of criticism over his remarks on the 1989 Tiananmen Incident published an open letter yesterday in one of his newspapers, asking the public not to doubt his commitment to democracy and freedom of speech.

Tsai Eng-meng, chairman of the media conglomerate Want Want Group and the Chinese-language China Times, said he was upset by the recent controversy over his questioning of whether the 1989 crackdown in Beijing constituted a massacre.

“I am very sad from the bottom of my heart that the intellectual community has decided to boycott the China Times because of a misleading report that was obviously trying to hurt me,” Tsai said in the letter.

The entrepreneur was referring to a recent interview with the Washington Post, in which he appeared to be saying that the massacre reports were false.

In response, the intellectuals said they did not buy Tsai’s explanations since he had once again tried to use one of his media outlets as his mouthpiece.