CDC announces five new influenza-related deaths


TAIPEI–The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced yesterday there had been five new confirmed influenza-related deaths in recent days.

The victims were all aged over 60, with the eldest being an 89-year-old woman residing in southern Taiwan, according to the CDC report. None of the patients, all suffering from chronic diseases, had received flu vaccinations before they were infected with flu, the CDC said. According to the CDC’s data, the number of patients rushed to hospitals after showing flu-like symptoms reached some 1,700 people on Thursday, down from 2,200 on the same day of the previous week.

Since last July, the number of confirmed cases of flu infection has increased to 1,023, 59 of which ended with the death of the patient, CDC statistics show. CDC Deputy Director-General Chow Jih-haw reminded people to take precautions, including keeping warm, maintaining good personal hygiene and taking note of rapid temperature fluctuations.

The risk of cluster infection might possibly rise after schools opened this week, he added.