Police probe possible perjury against Makiyo talent agency

The China Post news staff

The Taipei District Prosecutors Office yesterday appointed prosecutor Chen Yun-ru (陳韻如) to be responsible for investigating whether Makiyo’s talent agency, the Hall of Fame International Marketing Corporation, is guilty of perjury, and whether Hsieh Zhen-wu (謝震武), a famous TV show host and the legal consultant of the agency, was aware of the perjury.

In addition, in terms of the careless police handling in the investigation of the case, the head of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) Lee Hong-yuan (李鴻源) stated in a press conference yesterday that standard operating procedure for the case will be established. After being indicted by the prosecutor, Takateru Tomoyori, the Japanese man who participated with Makiyo in an attack on a taxi driver, revealed in a TV talk show that it was under the guidance of the agency that he made a false statement to the police. Tomoyori had said that only he, and not Makiyo, carried out the attack. This statement led to the police’s investigation into possible perjury by Makiyo’s agency.

Peng Yu-hsin (彭郁欣), the former lawyer of Tomoyori, also said that the first press conference after the incident was held by Makiyo’s agency, which had told her that they had spoken to Hsieh about the event.

Both Hall of Fame and Hsieh denied that they were aware of the fact that Makiyo also hit the taxi driver during the attack, and thus are not guilty of perjury. Police Misconduct When handling the Makiyo case, the police took six days to pass on a video clip, in which Makiyo’s involvement in the assault was recorded, to the relevant authorities. The video was also leaked to the media. The Taipei District Prosecutors Office is investigating whether there is any police misconduct involved.

After hearing the report of the National Police Agency, Lee stated that standard operating procedure of case handling will be established and strictly enforced.