Ma will not ride ‘Linsanity’ wave: Presidential Office

By Grace Soong, The China Post

The China Post–The Presidential Office clarified yesterday that President Ma Ying-jeou had never intended to jump on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon; all that the president holds toward Lin is warm wishes.

The president has been avoiding Lin-related conversations because rumors would suggest that he is claiming connections with Lin. Ma had never commented on Lin’s nationality, nor had he ever suggested that he wanted to “train the next Jeremy Lin,” the Presidential Office said.

All that Ma has done in public that is Lin-related over the past weeks, as the basketball star has risen to fame, was giving a thumbs-up (and a smile) for Lin’s winning streak and saying “It is okay to lose; just press on,” when the New York Knicks lost to the New Orleans Hornets.

It was because Ma had been criticized by netizens for attempting to “look good” when commending Taiwanese golf star Yani Tseng’s (曾雅妮) performances that the president had remained low-key this time, the Presidential Office clarified, emphasizing that the president never had any intention of benefiting from Lin’s name.

The New York Knicks will play their next game against the Miami Heat today. The game will be broadcast live in Taiwan at 8 a.m. on Feb. 24.