Polls finds aging of little concern for local people


TAIPEI–Taiwanese and Japanese are the two peoples in Asia that care least about age-related issues, according to the results of a survey released Thursday.

The survey was conducted by the Anti-aging and Health Society of Taiwan earlier in the month among 1,800 adults in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Only 21 percent of the respondents from Japan and 23 percent from Taiwan said they are concerned about aging problems, compared with nearly 50 percent among those from Shanghai, the results show.

Physical, brain and memory decline are the three age-related conditions of greatest concern among all the respondents, except for those from Thailand and South Korea, who care most about skin wrinkles.

Seventy-three percent of all the respondents identified the brain as the organ that most needs to be protected against the effects of aging, topping the chart in China, South Korea, Thailand, Japan and Taiwan and taking second place in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Among the Taiwanese respondents, 54 percent said they have suffered from memory decline. Other symptoms of aging experienced by the respondents include slower thinking and decreasing concentration.