Hsinchu mayor celebrates Lin win with fried chicken


TAIPEI — Hsinchu City Mayor Hsu Ming-tsai celebrated NBA player Jeremy Lin’s ninth win by treating 200 people to fried chicken fillets and lemonade in front of the Hsinchu City Train Station on Thursday.

Lin, the first Taiwanese-American NBA player, led the New York Knicks to its 9th victory Wednesday night. In a home game at Madison Square Garden, the Knicks won 99-82 against the Atlanta Eagles.

Hsu celebrated by handing out fried chicken and lemonade to passersby who could perform Lin’s “nerdiest handshake.”

Many people waited in line, and the food was gone in 30 minutes as almost everyone was able to perform the hand moves.

The mayor said he got the fried chicken idea from a Hsinchu City netizen.