228 holiday weekend to be wet, see low temps: CWB


TAIPEI–A cold and wet weather system is expected to affect Taiwan during the upcoming four-day weekend that includes a national holiday to commemorate the 228 Incident, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said yesterday.

With a cold air mass from China moving in on Saturday, temperatures in areas north of Taichung are expected to plummet to lows of around 12 degrees Celsius, the bureau said. Under the effect of seasonal winds, the bureau added, chances of showers are also high in northern and northeastern Taiwan during the weekend.

According to the CWB’s forecast, the mercury is expected to hover around 12-19 degrees in northern Taiwan, 14-22 degrees in central Taiwan, 15-22 degrees in southern Taiwan and 14-20 degrees in eastern regions of the island.

Temperatures are likely to rise again next Wednesday, the bureau said, when the strength of the cold air mass decreases.

The 228 Incident was a violent suppression of an anti-government uprising in Taiwan by the ruling Kuomintang on Feb. 28, 1947.