Police take organizer of train ‘sex party’ into custody

The China Post news staff

The man suspected of organizing a sex party on a moving train a week ago was arrested yesterday afternoon on charges of violating public order and decency laws and regulations, according to police sources.

The suspect, surnamed Tsai, was in custody at the police station, but remained silent when asked by reporters to say something about the sex party, in which a young lady allegedly had sex with 18 men in a locked train carriage during an 80-minute ride from Taipei to Zhunan in Miaoli County on the afternoon of Feb. 19.

Tsai was originally slated to show up at a police office on Sunday to elaborate on the alleged sex party, but failed to do so. Instead, Tsai held a secret meeting with six participants of the alleged party, apparently seeking to collude in coordinating their confessions to the police.

Accordingly, the police moved to arrest Tsai yesterday afternoon on charges of undermining public morality by orchestrating the “ridiculous” sex party.

The police will determine whether Tsai should face criminal charges for organizing such a party, and will also check to see if Tsai and other members have attempted to collude.

On Sunday afternoon, Tsai reportedly met the six members at a parking lot near Ximending, and told them that he would reveal the whole story to the police.

After sighting news photographers, Tsai and the six members dispersed, and then two members turned themselves in to the police, confessing that they did have sex with the young lady in a “harmonious atmosphere.” In related news, a participant in the alleged sex party told the Chinese-language Apple Daily that all the male participants, were wearing suits and were asked to pay NT$800 to be admitted into the party inside the Juguang train carriage at around 3:20 p.m. on Feb. 19. Some 10 minutes later, two female assistants distributed condoms and mouthwash to them. When a woman, 170 centimeters tall and weighing 50 kilograms, showed up in the train carriage, the male members were at loss for what to do. Then Tsai took the initiative to show them how to flirt with her, causing other members to follow suit. As a result, the woman had sex with all 18 men who paid the admission fee before the train reached Zhunan Station after an 80-minute ride.

The scandal was exposed after a legislator of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party alleged on Thursday that 18 men rented a train carriage and had a sex party with a single young woman.