Seaport bureau to separate tasks, modernize services


TAIPEI–Operation practices of Taiwan’s commercial seaports will undergo major reforms after the inauguration of the Maritime and Port Bureau (MPB) and the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) on Thursday, officials said yesterday.

While port policymaking and operations are presently dealt with by the nation’s four harbor bureaus in Kaohsiung, Keelung, Taichung and Hualien, the separation of authorities will modernize port services, said Premier Sean Chen.

Chen noted that in the future, the MPB will deliver a range of navigation and administration services, while the TIPC will focus on ways to strategically expand operations of Taiwan’s ports. “The reform proposal is timely as there are an increasing number of business opportunities between Taiwan and China,” Chen said.

Following the implementation of the economic cooperation framework agreement between Taiwan and China, he said, ports in Taiwan are moving toward becoming an important logistics hub for Asia-Pacific shipping.