NSB denies illegal acquisition of Yangmingshan headquarters

By Joseph Yeh, The China Post

The China Post–The National Security Bureau (NSB) yesterday denied accusation that it had illegally occupied land in Taipei’s Yangmingshan area decades ago that is now used to house its headquarters.

The NSB stressed that the land was legally acquired from the Ministry of National Defense (MND) 26 years ago, refuting a China Times Weekly (CTW) report yesterday. Published yesterday, the CTW report quoted Chang, a family member of the former land-owner of what is now NSB’s headquarters, accusing the intelligence bureau of illegally occupying their family property without gaining their approval. Chang, who claims to be entitled to inherit the piece of property, also pointed fingers at the NSB for colluding with the National Property Administration to prevent him from reclaiming the land. The NSB headquarters project was also illegally built without receiving a construction permit from related authorities, the CTW report added.

In response, the NSB refuted both allegations in a released statement.

The NSB legally acquired the piece of land from the MND and it was informed that the land’s original owner had passed away and the heir was nowhere to be found.

Chang later claimed his right to inherit the land in 2009. But his claim was later rejected by the High Court, the NSB said. The bureau also stressed that the its headquarters construction project was approved by the Taipei City Government in 1984, it added.