Graduates expect lower starting salaries: report


TAIPEI–Amid the unclear economic outlook, a recent report indicates that students graduating in 2012 expect to make US$1,000 less per month than graduates received last year.

According to the report, new graduates hope to receive NT$29,073 monthly in their first job, which is lower than the NT$30,109 from 2011, according to the report commissioned by Taiwan’s 1111 Job Bank.

Ho Chi-sheng, public relations director of 1111 Job Bank, said job seekers have become more pragmatic this year and are not seeking higher starting pays.

Based on the 1111 report, 24.48 percent of this year’s graduates hope to receive a starting salary of NT$22,501-25,000, 19.79 percent expects NT$27,501-30,000, while 10.94 percent hope to receive more than NT$40,000.

It is noted that students with a degree related to medicine, health and environmental protection are the most positive group when seeking a higher salary of NT$37,625, on average, while holders of degrees in literature, history and foreign languages seem more pessimistic, only asking for NT$25,990 per month.