Annual military drill to be held in 2 parts

By Joseph Yeh, The China Post

The China Post–The annual large-scale Han Kuang military drill (漢光演習) will be held in two stages this year to test the defense capability of Taiwan’s Armed Forces in response to a possible Chinese invasion, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) announced yesterday. “The series of exercises will be held in two parts, with live military drills scheduled for April and computer-aided war games set for July,” Major General Hao Yii-jy (郝以知), assistant deputy chief of the General Staff for Operations and Planning, told a regular MND press conference yesterday. More than 200,000 military personnel from the nation’s military branches will participate in the five-day exercise that begins April 16 to test their combat strategies and tactics in the face of a simulated invasion by Chinese military. Starting July 16, the five-day computer-aided war games will test Taiwan’s information and electronic warfare capabilities, Hao said.

Three parts of the exercises, including anti-airborne and counter-amphibious landing exercises, will be open to the public and media, said ministry spokesman Luo Shou-he at the same briefing.

Aside from the Han Kuang exercises, the Armed Forces will also hold another three kinds of major live-fire drills and war games with a total of 70 rounds of drill this year to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities amid a growing threat from China, Luo added. The Han Kuang has been the largest-scale military drill for local armed forces since 1984.