Weather forecast to turn cold this weekend: CWB


TAIPEI–Temperatures around Taiwan are likely to drop over the weekend with the arrival of a cold air mass from China, the Central Weather Bureau said yesterday.

The mercury could hit lows of 13-14 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan, 14 degrees in central Taiwan and 15 degrees in the southern and eastern part of the country, the bureau said.

Eastern Taiwan and areas north of central Taiwan could also see intermittent rain on Saturday, the bureau forecast.

Relatively warm temperatures are likely to return Monday as the effects of the air mass decrease, but the arrival of another cold front and a strong northeast monsoon on Tuesday could push temperatures down again slightly in northern and eastern Taiwan, the bureau said.

Intermittent rain is also expected island-wide Tuesday due to the cold front, the monsoon in the north and a cloud system that will begin to affect the southern part of the country from Monday night, according to the bureau.

The weather will remain warm this Friday with highs of 29 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan, 30 degrees in central and southern.