Taiwan wins bronze medal in SE Asia cheerleading event


TAIPEI–Taiwanese cheerleaders Liu Yin-wei and Chiang Han-fen won a bronze medal in the partner stunt division at the 2012 Southeast Asia Cheerleading Open in Singapore Saturday.

The pair were drawn from the Taiwanese cheerleading squad “Monsters,” one of the country’s best, to compete in the tournament.

The team demonstrated skills that had a high degree of difficulty and good teamwork during their routine, earning applause from the audience and praise from the judges.

The performance also had a few flaws, however, and Liu told CNA after the award ceremony that she and Chiang were very surprised to hear they had made the podium.

Assessing the level of competition at the event, Liu said Taiwan got into cheerleading earlier than some of the other participating countries and therefore had a slight technical edge.

But she said she was impressed by the enthusiasm shown by cheerleaders from Thailand and Malaysia and hoped Taiwan could continue improving in the discipline.

Teams from nine countries, including the United States, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, AND the Philippines competed in the tournament.